Recreational Coaches

Westminster Soccer would like to thank you for volunteering your time to help promote the game of soccer. Without you, organized youth soccer wouldn’t exist. Below you will find important information that you will need throughout the season.


Background check link:

For background check information, please contact

*Background check will require an out of pocket expense but is valid for two years within our recreational programs. We require that all of our coaches and adults working with our players complete the necessary checks and procedure to ensure suitability working with youth.


Concussion test:

*Please send a copy of completed certification to


Coaching resources:

Coaches will receive a curriculum with training sessions throughout the course of the season. Coaches will also receive a technical cheat sheet to best help with the development of our players.

Coach apparel:

Coaches will receive equipment along with coaching apparel each season.

Practice permits:

Please be reminded that all coaches must have a written permit from the club before they can practice at any Westminster park or field.

Players are not covered under liability for any training outside of a written permit and therefore coaches would be responsible.