Field Updates

Amherst  OPEN 
Big Dry Creek  OPEN 
City Park  OPEN 
Squires Upper  OPEN 
Westfield Vill.  OPEN 
Other parks  OPEN 

Field Status updated by 3:30pm Mon-Fri,7.30am Sat & Sun

Club hotline updated each training day by 3:30pm

Club Hotline:(303) 834.5033

Training is by permit only. Teams must be able to present a valid facilities usage permit upon request, and must train according to the details outlined on the training permit. Contact Pete Whitfield with questions.

Field status may not be updated after 3.30p during the training week. If weather affects field status after 3.30p WAFC will utilize social media and on-field communication from coaches or staff to communicate closures or holds at individual training facilities.

Lightning Policy: We take the safety of our players very seriously. If lightning has struck within a 10 mile radius of the field in the past 30 minutes, we will clear the field. Lightning is monitored by the “Spark” application used on coaches and staff telephones.