Girls & Boys Teams and Coaches 2017/2018

All of our coaches are professionally licensed, non-parent experts who will work with these teams for a maximum of four seasons. Our coaching staff all hold a minimum of a USSF D license or equivalent.

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Girls Teams

Team Name Coach Name
11G (2007) Orange & Black Ben Moua
12G (2006) Orange & Black Greg Borchers
12G (2006) White Dennis Sanger
13G (2005) Orange & Black Jon Jackson
14G (2004) Orange & Black Richard Dell
15G (2003) Orange & Black Roby Monroe
15G (2003) White Noel Hodgson
15G (2003) Secondary Mark Cromie
16G (2002) Orange Eddie Slater
17G (2001) Orange Derek Cortvriendt
18G (2000) Orange & Black Mark Forbes
19G (1999) Orange Dustin Moya

Boys Teams

Team name Coach Name
11B (2007) Orange & Black David Vaughan
12B (2006) Orange & Black Colin Mullaney
13B (2005) Orange & Black Stephan Tallman
14B (2004) Orange & Black Braden Jones
15B (2003) Orange & Black Roby Monroe
15B (2003) Secondary Mark Cromie
16B (2002) Orange Eddie Slater
16B (2002) Black Mike Longyhore
17B (2001) Orange & Black Paul Mulvany
18B (2000) Orange & Black Mark Forbes
19B (1999) Orange Matt Guttropf