Coach Bio – Derek Cortvriendt

Highest professional coaching license awarded

  • USSF “C” License

Years coaching

  • 10+

Highest level coached (youth, ODP, HS ,college, pro)

  • High School Head Coach Standley Lake HS

Highest level played

Personal philosophy statement

To teach and lead with the same passion and respect for the game, with the same expectation of myself to be prepared, learn and develop in my role, as is expected of the player in their’s. Identify and carve out talent within each player. Challenging and driving the least skilled player’s on the team with the same passion and level of respect for their efforts, as I challenge and drive the most skilled. Develop a sense of community, a level of expectation for the individual and team to train for competition with a sense of purpose, intent and intensity, so that the player and team are prepared to embrace the pressure of competition with spirit, confidence and determination. Create an environment in which mistakes in a game are not life defining in and of themselves; that what is life defining is the player’s ability to respond and face challenges with the same respect for themselves, teammates and opponents as they have in their and the teams moments of success. To the player’s parents, openly communicate and outline the path of development of both their individual player and that of the team. Creating an environment in which parent’s have information to better understand this development and how it relates to the overall development of the player. To challenge and inspire players and to be challenged and inspired by them. To impart the language of the game, instilling the courage for the player to risk making mistakes, in order for them to build the confidence to succeed with pride, character and humility. In training drive and challenge the individual and team to understand and prepare for competition. On match day to sit and allow the player’s within the flow of the game to create and experience their own play and on-ball decisions, and in moments of stoppage guide and direct the player’s from a place of calm, strength and confidence in them, aid them to draw upon the skills and tactics instilled during training.